I work as a freelance photographer shooting events for myself and Getty Images. I love what I do and I hope it’s evident to you when you look at my work.

Photography has been a strong passion of mine for 30 Years. Returning from travelling and discovering that my pictures weren’t an accurate representation of my vision left me feeling flat. From that point on, I decided to take photography seriously.

In the days of film, it was so much harder, you would take several frames of the same scene, write every setting down, i.e. light direction, Iso, shutter speed and aperture. Retake the frame changing the settings to see what the different settings do, then develop the pictures, sit down analyse it and learn.

Now with digital cameras, the learning process is easy as you have the result instantaneously. This process has taken me 15 years to get my work up to the point it is now, and I am always hungry to learn and experiment.

My pictures have had colour adjustments to them, but none of them have been altered or manufactured. I carry filters with me and always shoot on a tripod, I like to capture my vision on the camera, not my computer screen. 

As pleasurable as it is taking these images a lot of hard work goes into them, which yields the result that matches my vision. Lots of these places I have photographed have been visited a few times to ensure a better image due to the light.

Every picture I take has a story which you can read about when you click on the picture. I know you can go to stores and markets and buy a cheaper print, however it’s important to remember that with me you are buying a photograph not a print. The quality is insurmountable. I want my hard work to be displayed as it was captured.

Every effort presented in this Gallery site has been made to accurately represent the vibrant colours of my images. Due to differences in computer screens and certain other variations, the images here should only to be taken as a guide.

The colour and sharpness of a finished print are far superior to what can be presented on a small screen. The paper I use is the Ilford Galerie Crystal Gloss (290gsm): This stunning paper offers photographers the ability to print images with a true ‘wow’ factor.

The slightly metallic iridium finish gives every image a three-dimensional look ensuring that each print truly comes to life.

We place a matting around the image to add depth to the overall look. You can pick your own frame colour to suit your surroundings, but please choose carefully as we are unable to give refunds.


Thank you for your time and interest!

It is an honour for me to present my passion to you, I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I did taking them. Though I have done my best to really replicate the vision, there is nothing like seeing the landscape for real. I would encourage you to actually go to these locations and experience what I did.